Check Recovery Program

The Bank of Beaver City recently partnered with CheckmarcUSA to offer dishonored check and ACH recovery services FREE to our business checking customers. There are no contracts or agreements to sign. Please find the program features and benefits listed below.

Features and Benefits

  • No equipment to purchase. No contracts, enrollment or per check fees.
  • You receive 100% of the face value on all recovered dishonored items.
  • Dishonored check writers are listed on the largest national negative database until funds are recovered.
  • You have access to our password-protected website allowing 24/7/365 viewing of checks.
  • You receive notification and collection reports via email.
  • The latest ACH services and dishonored check recovery (RCK) techniques are utilized.
  • You avoid uncomfortable/embarrassing customer collection calls.

Please contact a new accounts representative to learn more about this exciting new service.