Mobile Banking Tips

  • Auto Lock and Password Protect: If your phone is lost or stolen, this would prevent someone from accessing your applications.
  • Don't Use Public Wifi When Banking: When your smartphone identifies a Wifi and asks you to log in, don't, unless you know it is protected.
  • Download App Updates: If there are any "bugs" to be fixed or updated services, you need to have the most current update.
  • Erase Phone Capability: Know how to remotely erase your phone should it become lost or stolen.
  • Review Privacy Policy: Review the privacy policy and data access of any Apps before installing them.
  • Delete Device When Replacing: Use a "hard factory reset" to permanently erase all content and settings store on the smartphone before discarding it.
  • Sign Out or Logoff: Sign out or logoff an App when finished rather than just closing it.

Mobile Banking is not only convenient but is also secure and safe. Please click here to read a recent article concerning mobile banking safety.