Electronic Access

Easy access to your money.

Debit Card

Use your Bank of Beaver debit card for easy access to your money.

Your Bank of Beaver MasterCard® debit card allows you to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.  We deduct the amount of your purchase directly from your checking account. You no longer have to carry a cumbersome checkbook.You can also use the card free of charge at our five convenient ATMs.

Additionally, you have worldwide access to any ATM accepting Pulse®, Cirrus®, or STAR®. You can access your accounts by withdrawing funds, balance inquiry, and balance transfers.

Activate/ Deactivate your Debit Card

Did you know that you can activate / or deactivate your debit card with our Mobile App?

Should you lose your debit card, you can immediately deactivate it and activate it once again should you find it. You can also keep it inactive until you are ready to use it for assurance against fraud.

Please follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Select ‘Manage Cards’
  • Click On/Off to change card status

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report a lost or stolen card, please contact your local office during regular business hours.

To report a lost or stolen card over the weekend, please call:

and select Option 1

ATM Access

The Bank of Beaver City has three convenient ATMs our MasterCard® debit card and ATM cardholders can use free of charge to obtain cash, make a balance inquiry or make balance transfers.

Our ATMs are conveniently located at the following addresses:

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers give you the ability to send or receive funds from or to most banks, savings and loans or credit unions in the world.

For outgoing wires, please contact the Bank and have the following information available in order to send the wire transfer.

  • Receiving bank, name, address, phone number and routing number
  • Recipient’s name, address, phone number and account number
  • Please consult a bank representative for any additional requirements and fees

For incoming wires, please give the sender the instructions below. Once received, the funds will post to your account and be included in your available balance.


Domestic Wires

The Bankers Bank
ABA #:  1030 0361 6
Address:  9020 N. May Ave, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone:  (405) 848-8877

Credit:  The Bank of Beaver City
Account #:  10677
Address:  PO Box 850
Beaver, OK 73932
Phone:  (580) 625-4511

Further Credit to:
Customer Name
Customer Account Number

International Wires

Bank of New York
BNF:  The Bankers Bank OK
Account #:  8900610980

For Further Credit:  The Bank of Beaver City
Account #:  10677

REF:  Customer Name
Account #:  Customer Account Number

Incoming wire fees of $10 apply to all incoming wires.